Monday, January 2, 2012

Day Two

Where do I start?

During the Bigfoot marathon last night, cable went on the fritz.  Then, the power went out. For two hours!

Guess what happened to the fridge? If you guessed the circuit board went, you get the prize!

I have all this food prepped and frozen for my plate. Now what?

We called our daughter to take the frozen stuff to her big deep freezer and we filled our coolers with ice and the remaining, salvageable food in the fridge. We also have a bunch of condiments and things that don't need refrigeration in there that went on the counter. What a mess.

Here is the WHOLE scene.

All of our storage bins are in the house while we catalog everything. Christmas stuff is cavorting with Valentines stuff, scrapbook stuff has gone loose, extra kitchen equipment is experiencing the thrill of camping equipment, and now our fridge has thrown up. Our current fridge is a super sized fridge, not the standard size apartment sized fridge.

Oh, and the dryer is not working.

What a beginning to a new year!

I spent the last day of my vacation getting the old fridge from the old house, cleaning it, and bringing it home.

Now I have a smaller fridge in my living room that cannot accomodate our stuff, and a large, empty fridge in my kitchen.

And I don't know where anything is!

So, as a result of last night and this morning there was no breakfast.

Lunch was new years leftovers.

Dinner was chicken,  broccoli, Waldorf salad, rice and corn leftovers in the starch compartment. I used up the milk due to the fridge situation and added a salad.

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