Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One

Happy New Year! I am starting today! Last night my daughter had a GREAT party!  We slept in and I didn't get my day started until 10. Usually it is 7:30 am.

Let's begin.

For breakfast I followed the breakfast card. I selected cottage cheese for the protein, applesauce in the fruit compartment (I added cinnamon sugar since it was unsweetened and I wasn't using the jelly allotment), English Muffin with light cream cheese, 1/2 tablespoon on each slice, and coffee.

For lunch, and since it was football and a Bigfoot marathon on tv, and the husband wanted something light, I made baked caprese salad. Watch Giada make it here:
Video: Incredible Baked Caprese Salad

I make it slightly differently. I chop the tomatoes and shred the mozzarella. It makes this dish easier to eat. I only had two. The ones I made for the mister, I added chopped ham. I also use dried basil.

For dinner - leftovers. I filled the meat section with grilled pork, the starch is mac and cheese, the veggie is broccoli and the fruit is Waldorf Salad. I added a lettuce and tomato salad with a light vinagrette and to drink, some milk.

I think Waldorf Salad is FANTASTIC!!! My mom would make it occasionally and I thought it was such a treat. I have a very light hand on the mayo - it was much less than the fats I could use with this card. I have found this salad to create quite the little controversy. You either love it or hate it. I fall in the love camp. I really cannot understand what's not to love!

And so the journey begins!

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