Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014! Here is to trying again!

It is 2014 and time to TRY again! I will not give up. Over the past year, I have researched and studied portions, attended seminars, all the usual stuff to educate myself (without actually paying for anything!)

So what are the results of all that time I spent researching (and not actually doing)?

There are many different methods and manners of saying the same thing. Some say seven portions of this, three portions of that and then define the portions differently.

They all boiled down to the same thing, when you totaled the ounces and the different ways portions were calculated.

I am going to (try and) apply the following guide:
Milk: 2
Fruits: 2
Veggies: 2
Protein/Beans: 2
Grains: 4

2-2-2-2-4 is the name of the game.

A portion is one cup of raw, 1/2 cup cooked. 2-3 oz of meat. Easy peasy.

More on this tomorrow!

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